Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lily has quite a special relationship with her Daddy. She still looks to me for all the Mommy things...kissing boo-boos, keeping her tummy happy and keeping her diaper clean. (Yes, she let's me know when she wants to be changed by coming and sitting on my lap RIGHT after she is done with her business.) So, pretty much, Daddy get's all the fun stuff.

When Baby Lily has a bad dream in the middle of the night or is just needing some extra love, her favorite thing is to climb into our bed and snuggle up with Mommy/take over Mommy's side of the bed. Before settling down to sleep though, she has to make sure Daddy knows she has joined us. Here is an example of how it typically goes:

Lily: *Wakes up crying and won't settle back down*
Mommy: *Stumbles out of bed half awake, picks up Lily out of her bed and starts to rock her trying to console her*
Lily: *Immediately stops crying and starts whining while trying to climb out of Mommy's arms towards Mommy & Daddy's bed*
Mommy: *Gives in due to exhaustion and sets Lily down on her side of the bed and crawls in behind her*
Lily: *Let's out an evil giggle and immediately crawls up behind Daddy, who is usually sleeping on his side facing the opposite way of Mommy's side of the bed. She stands up, leans on his side, put's her face right into his and yells* DADDAAAAYYYYY!!!
Daddy: *Rolls over with a smile on his face and half awake replies* Baybaaayy!
Lily: *Leans in and gives Daddy a loving kiss on his cheek while making a kissing sound* MUAH!
Daddy: *Kisses Baby Lily back*
Lily: *Lays down next to Mommy and SOMETIMES gives Mommy a kiss before falling asleep with her head placed right in the middle of Mommy's pillow*
Mommy: *Finds as comfortable of a position as possible to fall asleep in while being forced to sleep on the edge of the bed*

These nights also happen to be followed by a morning of Mommy waking up with a sore back. Coincidence??

Can you guess who took this picture??
*Here's a clue...Mommy thinks opened soda cans are dangerous and IMMEDIATELY takes them away the second she see's one of her children with one*

Daddy & Lily love to tease Mommy, as a team. There are times when Lily will do something naughty *example: throw her sippy cup on the floor during dinner* and I will scold her and tell her "No No!" She immediately turns to Daddy *who is usually sitting right next to her, while I am clear across the table* and gives him her naughty grin.

Daddy does the naughty grin right back at her and they both start laughing together. Those are the moments where I just throw my hands up in the air and remind myself that she truly does listen to me...just not when Daddy is around.

Now THAT is what I call a Daddy's Girl