Thursday, August 26, 2010

.Lily "Danimal".

This morning Brookie suggested we eat breakfast outside on the patio. I figured it would be perfect to give them one of the Danimal yogurt smoothies I had bought at the store last night. Lily can drink out of a water bottle really well until she forgets to stop pouring water into her mouth and swallow what she has in there.

Well, she decided that this morning she wasn't even going to swallow...just pour.

(This was part of her little dance she was doing after she had spilled the first smoothie all over herself)

Brookie wasn't going to finish her's, so I decided to give it to Lily and give her a second chance.

My favorite part is at the end...she bends over and you see it all spill out of the top of her diaper onto the ground.

Oh and the fly that was attached to her right arm throughout the entire video and a few minutes after, until I scared it away.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

.The First...and Not The Last.

Baby Lily got her first haircut today!! After I gave Brookie her "trim turned accidental haircut" I was determined to get Lily's cut at some point today. She was starting to get a mullet and I noticed with Brookie's hair that once I cut just grew and Grew and GREW!! Let's hope Lily's hair is the same!!

This is not the best picture of it...but it's been a long day and it's the best I could get for now.

This was honestly SO much easier than I expected it to be. All it took was my iPhone (for Lily's entertainment). She tried to get up a few times because her songs/videos ended, but would sit right back down once another one was on.

Monday, August 9, 2010

.Going Crazy at Lunch Time.

Daddy & Uncle Chris know JUST how to get Baby Lily all worked up and being crazy. This is just ONE example of that...

.No Fear.

This just fits right in with Lily's motto...


Grandpa 'chilles found this Blow Snake down by the pond in their back yard. Lily was truly fascinated and would have dragged it around with her like a stuffed animal if we let her.

Just for the record...Yes, I did put my foot down on a picture of Lily with the snake around her neck. I know she would have been more than willing and enjoyed it thoroughly...but my Mommy instincts said no. There will be plenty more snakes when she is 2...or 3. :)

.Cleaning Grandma's Window.

Seriously...I don't even know what she was thinking!

.A Small Snippet.

Just a taste of the kind of trouble Lily's curiosity get's her into on a DAILY basis...

.Our Little Puppy Lily.

I was making breakfast Friday morning and as I was finishing up Lily's eggs she came in to the kitchen and I noticed something on her back. When I pulled it off, it was a single square of toilet paper. So I set her in her seat and gave her the eggs then set off to investigate. This is what I found...

.15 Months.

Baby Lily has 14 words under her belt that you can clearly understand and she says all the time.


Baby - She knows she is Baby and points to herself and says "Baby". She points out other babies all the time too.

Bye - She waves and says bye to everyone...whether they are coming or going.

Dada - Definitely her FAVORITE word EVER! She used to call herself Dada before we taught her she was baby. Now, to tease us, she will call herself Baby Dada with a short pause between the two words. She sure loves her Daddy!

Dog - Instead of teaching her puppy like a normal baby, Aaron wanted her to be advanced and taught her dog instead. She caught on quite well!

Hi - She has now replaced hi with bye when greeting people. I'm pretty sure she does it just to mess with us.

Mama - The one word that can melt a mother's heart...and drive you crazy all at the same time. She loves to lay in bed and say "Mama mama mama" over and Over and OVER until she falls asleep. I finally realized it was just her way of putting herself to sleep.

Nanuh - For those of you who can't guess...this is how Lily asks for a Banana...or sometimes just food in general.

Nene - This is what she calls her favorite person, Uncle Tenney. She first started saying it a few months back while we were staying the weekend up at Aaron's parents house. It was late at night (I think it was almost 11PM) and she was getting VERY frustrated with Aaron and I because we didn't know what she was saying. Finally I told Aaron she probably wanted Grandma or Grandpa. So we took her upstairs and she climbed around on their bed between them for a bit, but still wasn't completely happy. We finally got her to go to sleep only to hear her say it again the next day as soon as she saw Uncle Tenney. She sure loves her Uncle Nene!

Nigh Nigh - This is one thing that I LOVE about Baby Lily. She actually tells me when she wants to go "Night Night". Sometimes she just needs some time alone and will drink her bottle and play in her crib for a bit. Most times she just goes right to sleep.

No - The one word you wish your child NEVER learned. Every time she says it, she looks you dead in the eye and laughs hysterically.

Peas (Please) - Mommy thinks being polite is VERY important. Lily picked up on this one pretty early...but will never say it when you ask her to.

Ya - I can hear Lily saying "YEAH!!" excitedly in my head...I can't help but crack a smile. SO adorable!

Yay - She has this one down! Clapping and all. Her favorite is when you try and teach her to do something and when you do it she says "YAY!!" and claps for you! Such a little stinker.

Uh-Oh - She tells on herself ALL the time with this phrase. She knows when she is being naughty and LOVES to announce it.


Baby Lily will eat pretty much anything you put in front of her. She LOVES meat. If you put meat in front of her, she will ignore everything else on her plate until it is gone. The only meat she won't eat, so far, are ground beef and roast.

Baby Lily LOVES almost anything green. Peas are her #1 favorites. She also likes avocados, cucumbers and green beans.

When it comes to fruit...watermelon is her new favorite. She likes strawberries, grapes, bananas and raspberries.

Those are just the few things that I can think of off the top of my head. She is up to try anything new at least once.


Lily is working on conquering steep hills...up AND down. She seriously has no fear and RARELY cries over her falls, even the hard ones! She will usually just get mad at whoever is with her and scream at them for a minute for "letting her fall".

....The Lily Diaries has just begun!!