Thursday, August 26, 2010

.Lily "Danimal".

This morning Brookie suggested we eat breakfast outside on the patio. I figured it would be perfect to give them one of the Danimal yogurt smoothies I had bought at the store last night. Lily can drink out of a water bottle really well until she forgets to stop pouring water into her mouth and swallow what she has in there.

Well, she decided that this morning she wasn't even going to swallow...just pour.

(This was part of her little dance she was doing after she had spilled the first smoothie all over herself)

Brookie wasn't going to finish her's, so I decided to give it to Lily and give her a second chance.

My favorite part is at the end...she bends over and you see it all spill out of the top of her diaper onto the ground.

Oh and the fly that was attached to her right arm throughout the entire video and a few minutes after, until I scared it away.

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