Wednesday, February 23, 2011

.My Favorite Age.

I can honestly say, that Lily is right in the middle of my favorite age. I would say from about 18 - 24 months is definitely my favorite.

They are learning SO much it is hard to keep up with. 
They have the ability to LEARN so much it is hard to keep up with!

Lily copies and remembers just about everything she hears. She can speak in 3 - 4 word sentences very easily. 

My favorite things she says right now:
"I'm coming Mommy!" whenever I call her name and tell her to come here.
"Good Job Mommy!" this one usually comes after I use the potty and she comes in and shuts the lid and flushes it for me. ha ha
"Come on Daddy!" she loves to yell this one when we are waiting on Daddy to come up for dinner.
"Night Night my bed!" when she is REALLY tired she will run to her bed saying this while whining.

There are tons more and I could spend all night listing them. She just sounds SO cute saying everything right now. I wish this stage lasted forever!

A random little story I forgot to post about...

Lily has been getting really good at her letters. She has a few favorites. One of them happens to be W.
A few weeks ago, Lily and I went to WinCo after dinner. It was darker outside so their letters were lit up really bright when we got there. Before I even got her out of the car she starts screaming with excitement "Double Y!! Double Y!!" which is how Lily says W. The entire way into the store, until the W was out of site, she kept telling me about the "double y".  

Monday, February 7, 2011

.Oh No!.

Lily's reaction to how the Steelers were playing during the Super Bowl.