Monday, March 7, 2011

.I Can Help Mommy Too!.

This is how Lily helps put away laundry.

I guess Daddy's shirts belong in the bathroom sink now.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

.Hi Daddy!.

Lily has a new obsession...

Talking on the phone.

Her FAVORITE person to call is Daddy. If I am on the phone at all during the day with him she HAS to say hi to him. If she doesn't get to, she has an epic meltdown and then will steal my phone trying to call him. 

The funny thing, she usually succeeds. She knows EXACTLY where to find the call list on my phone and can somehow pick out Daddy's name among them. It's usually at the top, but even if it isn't she can call him most times.

She doesn't just like to call Daddy, she likes to talk to everyone. So if you start receiving random calls from my phone and think I may have "butt dialed" you...I probably didn't. You probably just got "Lily dialed".