Wednesday, May 11, 2011

.Baby Lily is 2!!.

Time sure flies...when you are having fun!!

Lillian is SUCH a handful, but she makes it worth it with her crazy little personality.
I feel like one of the luckiest people ever to have this little monster call me Mommy.

Lily LOVES to learn. She will make you repeat songs over and over and OVER until she at least has some of it memorized. Then she makes you sing it again, just so she can sing along with you to the parts that she knows.

She can count to 10 and can identify about 75% of her letters. When you point to the letter B and ask her what it is, she always starts off and says it is "D". She will do this 2 or 3 times until you call her on it and say "You know what it is!" then she immediately corrects herself and says it is "B".

Lily loves to say the same thing over and over and over...even if she knows you are paying attention. It can be pretty funny at times.

We go to Aaron's Grandparents house fairly often. She also happens to adore her Great-Grandpa Cutler and always sneaks upstairs to see him as soon as we arrive. Whenever we are driving in the car and drive past ANY houses, she always say "Go to Gamma Gampa's house?"

We celebrated her 2nd birthday along with Mother's Day this past Sunday.

Lily has an obsession with Minnie Mouse right now. She was so excited when she saw her cake.

My beautiful girls with their Minnie Mouse ears.

Lily's car from Uncle Tenney and Gma & Gpa 'chilles.

Lily's other!! She hasn't got the pedals figured out quite yet and she gets VERY frustrated that she can't do it. Thanks to the weather warming up, she can get PLENTY of practice.

I am excited for the adventures this next year will bring with our crazy Baby Lily.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

.Kitty VS Kitten.

Aaron and Lily were reading an ABC book this morning.

They were working on the letter K.

They were naming all the items on the page that began with the letter K.

They came to, what the book had named, a kitten.

This is how the conversation went:

Aaron: (pointing to the picture) Kitten!
Lily: (also pointing to the picture) Kitty!
Aaron: Kitten.
Lily: Kitty
Aaron: Kitten
Lily: Kitty (still in her cheerful voice)
Aaron: Kitten!
Lily: (points to it again and turns and looks at me) Mommy...Kitty?
At this point, I couldn't help myself. This was getting too funny.
Leah: Yes, Lily. Kitty.
Lily: (smiles and points to the picture again) Kitty!