Tuesday, April 12, 2011

.It's Potty Time!.

Day #1

This was taken right AFTER she sat on the potty and BEFORE her accident.

This could be Day #1 of MANY Day #1's. I remember that it took a few breaks and then trying again until Brookie was completely ready to be potty trained. 

So here it goes!!

Yesterday was the first official Day #1.
It started out with me putting Lily on the potty and keeping her there for 15 mins.
In those 15 mins she refused to do anything, but talk.
Finally, I decided that maybe she just didn't need to go. So I walked her into the bedroom with me, grabbed a shirt and went to put it on her. As I got it over her head I felt a massive amount of wetness falling on my foot. So I grabbed Lily, ran her to the potty and sat her on it. Once again, she refused to do anything. Most of it ended up on my foot and the floor.

Let's hope Day #2 goes MUCH better! 

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