Tuesday, April 19, 2011

.Potty Mommy! Potty!.

I have been hearing that ALL morning long. 

We haven't had a single accident all morning long. 
I am sure that has everything to do with Lily saying she has to go potty every 15 minutes. Then she tinkles the tiniest bit just to get a candy. (Which is truly all she probably can do at this point. I am surprised she has anything left to put in the potty after how many times she has gone!)

I started this morning by calling Lily in to the bathroom after Brookie went this morning and we all got a candy for Brookie going potty. Every since then, Lily has been going like a champ! Brookie loves it too, since we all get a piece of candy every time Lily goes potty.

The funny thing, Lily won't go on her Elmo potty. It HAS to be the big girl potty, WITHOUT a special potty seat. She has to be just like her big sister.

So far, so good. We will see if things continue to go this well as the day and week progress!

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